COSTA —— 源自英国伦敦的意式咖啡品牌,是第一家体现“从豆到杯”理念的咖啡连锁品牌。基于品牌理念和文化,中辉文化传播针对COSTA夏季产品“酷乐冰”上市,策划了一场高调的事件营销——酷乐冰感官之旅,打造一部Guerrilla Van巡回专车,遍寻魔都时尚青年聚集地。让魔都记住“酷乐冰”,并激发消费者尝试欲。 在传播方面,中辉与COSTA联合传统媒体、线上媒体、社交媒体,形成媒体全覆盖,几十家媒体共同助力引爆上市声量。吸引电视台采访报道此次活动。
COSTA is an Espresso Brand from London, it is the first coffee chain brand which reflect an idea of “from bean to coffee”. Based on COSTA's brand culture and concept, ZH Communication planned a high-profile event marketing --- 酷乐冰感官之旅 as COSTA's new product “Frostino” launch event. Looking for fashionable youths' gathering spots in Shanghai by a Guerrilla Van touring car and making Shanghai city remember “Frostino”, in order to arouse consumers' interests. In the aspect of communication, ZH Communications and COSTA were joint up with all kinds of media: traditional media, online media and social media. Dozens of media gave voices for the launch event.