GALLO是葡萄牙专业橄榄油公司,成立于1919年,有着近百年的橄榄油生产历史。GALLO橄榄油赋予美食新的涵义,不仅仅出售的是橄榄油,而是使消费者更好的了解“液体黄金”的好处以及如何将它应用于每一道菜肴。 GALLO橄榄油进入中国本土市场已经五年,却一直打不开品牌知名度,在天猫平台无法得到平台足够的支持。中辉文化传播针对目前品牌面临问题,根据GALLO品牌调性,量身定制传播规划策略。选择时下最热的直播形式,天猫虎牙双平台直播,联手网络平台最具话题女艺人“料理星女王”王琳、知名美食KOL“弄堂潮大厨”管家以及SMG当家小生路易为全球顶级橄榄油品牌——GALLO橄露带来品牌史上首次发声《星厨年菜直播大战》,打造全网首档明星斗菜直播真人秀,GALLO天猫旗舰店新客到访率提升96%。 此次美食直播更是天猫首创,通过直播,最大限度的进行品牌曝光,提升GALLO橄榄油品牌印象,被淘宝小二誉为直播史上最有质感的直播案例!
GALLO is a professional Portuguese olive-oil brand founded in 1919. GALLO not only sells olive oil, but also helps cusumers to know better about the benefits of this “liquid gold” and how to use it for each dishes. GALLO has entered Chinese market for 5 years but didn't get a high brand awareness and could not get enough support from Tmall. ZH Communications aimed at these problems, offering a customized communication strategy according to GALLO's brand tone. With Wang Lin —— the most discussed actress on internet, 管家 —— famous KOL in food circles, and 路易—— famous SMG host, we made network-widely the first live reality show. After the live show, visits to GALLO official Tmall store had been increased by 96%. The live show gave Gallo a maximum exposure as well as improved GALLO band image by live streaming, and has been praised by Taobao as the most substantial live streaming case ever.