ITO是一个成立于2007年专注旅行方式的独立设计品牌。2017年正值ITO品牌成立的第十年,ITO与大英博物馆联合,共同推出了ITO x BM联合款旅行箱。 中辉文化传播根据此次发布会主题和风格,策划了多种活动内容:现代摩登的模特秀,彩绘师在来宾手上绘制出象征5款旅行箱的图腾,乐手用旅行箱敲打出轻快别致的音乐,潮流玩法与历史文明演绎得别具风味。 活动同时邀请不同身份不同行业的代表:美术教授、时尚博主、旅行达人等,将各地的心动故事、心动小物带到现场,更有时尚博主现场直播,将旅行箱和新奇有趣的活动亮点分享给场外的时尚与旅行爱好者。 此外,中辉文化传播还帮助ITO与上海联劝公益基金会携手,启动『ITO心动计划』,开展改善欠发达地区留守儿童教育发展和开阔眼界的公益项目。
ITO was founded in 2007, it is an independent designing brand focused on travelling. On its 10th birthday, ITO pushed out a new suitcase series with British Museum. Besides, according to the theme of launch event, ZH Communications planned several event contents,such as modern catwalk, body painting and percussion music show. Representatives from different industries, such as Art professor, fashion blogger and traveller, are invited to the event to share their stories of traveling as well. Besides, ZH Communications helped ITO to cooperate with Shanghai United Foundation in order to solve education problem of left-behind children in underdeveloped areas.